ProSystems helps organizations meet their objectives and goals by sharing our expertise in technology management in health care, defense, and other institutions. Our technology solutions allow businesses to maintain a project-based staff and engage in long-term agreements.

Our experts can help you devise a strategic technological plan, enabling your organization to grow exponentially. We’ll also guide you through developing your capabilities needed to unravel certain problems independently.

Business Process Reengineering (BRP)

We can introduce innovative reengineering concepts that best suit your business goals. BRP is a game-changer that helps stabilize your business, increase your profit, and fuel future success and growth through:

  • Analyzing feasibility studies
  • Process modeling
  • Analyzing gaps and requirements
  • Creating a unique organizational strategy and design
  • Managing potential risks
  • Developing an effective application prototype
Programmer working in a software developing company office

Program Management Support Services

We utilize evidence-based approaches and practices that help your institution’s program management office (PMO) develop, sustain, and implement projects, such as:

  • Portfolio management (IT)
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Acquisition support
  • Financial auditing
  • Contingency planning for business continuity
data analysis concept

Enterprise Architecture

We’ll help you create a modern and flexible framework to manage your IT assets and resources effectively as well as align them with your operations for a more efficient business planning and decision-making.

  • Process modeling
  • Analyzing gaps and requirements
  • Integrating appropriate systems and analyzing scalability
  • Case management for business use
  • Operational and systems control
  • Creating DoDAF and TOGAF architecture models
  • Managing IT systems’ life cycles
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Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Our team of engineers and analysts work to develop innovative methods to evaluate your programs needed to maintain your IT systems.

  • Managing risks and issues
  • Inspecting for functionality and compliance
  • Product evaluation and assessment
  • Designing incremental methodologies
  • Quality assurance assessment
  • Technical requirements verification
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